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About Us

Nestled in the heart of Tamworth New Hampshire, Tamworth Village Homeschool's Preschool Program is designed for children ages three to five, and our Hybrid Homeschool program serves children from ages six to ten.  Our small home-like setting allows siblings to stay together, and for all children to work and play alongside friends who range in age. 

In 2023 we launched our new Homeschool Kindergarten program where five and six year olds enjoyed the benefit of learning in a very small group setting, with the same benefits as our preschool program. We are thrilled to be growing our homeschool offerings in the 2024-2025 school year by adding enrollment options for students up to age ten.  

We believe in the importance of interacting with the surrounding community on a regular basis, and are so fortunate that our beautiful location allows us to do just that.  We enjoy weekly visits to the library.  We visit Remick Farm to visit the baby animals in the spring, take a few classes in the spring and fall , and just enjoy the lovely setting whenever possible.  We stroll along the Swift River when weather allows to observe seasonal changes, and we even visit our local bakery to pick up the occasional loaf of bread for our snack time!

Our programs follow a predictable daily and weekly rhythm, allowing plenty of time for what matters most in early childhood, placing a high priority on real world experiences, time spent in nature, the formation of good habits, and exposure to a wide range of interesting subjects. 

It is so important to us that a child’s first school experiences are positive and engaging.  Our preschool program is kept intentionally small in order to provide an easier transition for children just beginning school, and our homeschool  programs allow families a range of options to best suit individual preferences regarding the number of days and hours spent learning at our homeschool and time spent at home with family.

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