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8:30- Children arrive and are invited to begin their day with free play in the classroom.  Each day, new experiences are laid out for children at the Project Tables, such as an art project, baking, science experiment, sensory exploration, math games, etc.  Older children may be invited to work with a teacher on individualized phonics instruction, based on each child's readiness.

9:30 am- We meet as a group for Circle Time, where we enjoy books, poems and songs related to themes we are exploring as a class.

10:00 am- We all enjoy a healthy morning snack (provided by the school).

10:30 am- We get out and enjoy some time out of the classroom!  Depending on the day of the week we may be visiting the library or farm, going on a nature walk, or enjoying some playtime in our own yard.​

11:30 am- We meet back in the classroom for "Specials" time (Music, Art, Spanish, Nature Study, Culinary Arts)

12:00 pm- Lunch

12:30 pm- Closing Meeting 

12:45 pm -  Dismissal


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