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While we are not a "Christian School," certain Christian values and customs are present in our classroom.  We celebrate Christmas and Easter, in addition to recognizing the holidays and traditions of the students in our class. 

We strive to instill traditional values in the classroom, such as:

* Daily chores to care for the space

* Saying an expression of thanks before we eat

* Showing respect for classmates, teachers, and parents

* Being stewards of the earth by tending to a garden and respecting nature

* Cultivating a sense of awe and gratitude by appreciating the natural world around us

* Following the Golden Rule by treating others as we would like to be treated

At Tamworth Village Homeschool we strive to model these core values in an effort to give the children guiding principles for living a good and wholesome life. ​

Beautiful boy giving a flower to grandma. Happy mothers day. Grandson and grandmother spen
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