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Camp Week 6 - Fairy Gardens

We've had a purely magical week exploring all things fairies! The class loved creating their own fairy worlds in and out of the classroom, designing their own magic wands and fairy dolls, and reading such wonderful stories about fairies and their worlds.

After getting inspired by some beautiful books about fairy homes, and practicing with materials in the classroom, we took the class outside to create fairylands using only natural materials. We set up a "fairy garden buffet" on the picnic table, which included items such as pinecones, stones, seashells, flowers, feathers, twigs, tree bark, and wood slices, and the children let their creativity take over from there! We loved watching them work with such enthusiasm and focus on their own masterpieces- providing a real treat to the local fairies!

Since we experienced lots of rain on Tuesday and some scattered rain on Tuesday, we also enjoyed one of our favorite rain songs from last year:

Pitter patter, Pitter patter

Look at all the rain

Knocking on the windowsill

And on the windowpane

Sounding like the pitter pat

Of little fairy feet

Running down the garden path

And running down the street

Washing everybody's house

And everybody's shop

Pitter patter, Pitter patter,

When's it going to stop?

Well, luckily it did stop for long enough to get outside and work on our beautiful fairy homes. We hope you enjoy the pictures of our fairy- filled week! :)

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