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Camp Week Five - Bugs

We had such fun exploring bugs last week! The class enjoyed investigating bug specimens under magnifying glasses, creating observational drawings, and building their own 3D bug sculptures. The class all shared their favorite bugs, or ones we wanted to learn more about, and we spent some time at circle time using an informational book to look up the kinds they were interested in. They loved learning new facts about all of their favorite bugs, including tips on where to find them! We went on a bug hunt of our own at Remick farm, and observed caterpillars, grasshoppers, butterflies, bees and more! We also hunted for bugs in our own yard and found worms, pill bugs and more under rocks and logs!

Unrelated to bugs, we also had a lovely visit to the library on Tuesday where we read the classic story Blueberries for Sal and tried making our own nature paints! The class had so much fun hammering and smashing berries, flowers, leaves and other natural materials and seeing the color stains and marks they left behind. What a beautiful and nature -filled week we had. :)

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