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Camp Week Four - Sand & Sea

What a beautiful week we had exploring sand & sea together! The class enjoyed discovering treasures from the seaside, investigating them and creating their own observational drawings. They also thoroughly enjoyed building kinetic sand castles, swimming their ocean animal figures through seas of water beads, and playing pirate treasure games! We had such a fun ocean- themed Show & Tell, in which children told about a range of treasures they had found by the seaside, as well as some great ocean animal stuffies! The class was so amazed to see such a range of beautiful items that can be found at the ocean- from seaglass, to conch shells, to coral, to shark teeth, and more! All of these treasaures were accompanied by wonderful stories of adventures at the seaside, and the class was captivated by one another's show & tells. Our outside time involved fishing in the kiddie pool, imaginary ocean voyages, and lots of pirate treasure games! What a beautiful week it was. :)

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