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November Sunshine

We were pleasantly surprised with a very sunny start to November, and so we spent Thursday and Friday almost entirely outside! We ate our snacks and lunches out on the picnic blanket, read books outside, sang songs outside, created art and enjoyed poetry outside.

It was even warm enough for water play! We decided to fill up the sensory table with water and bring out a new resource- "Alphabet Bubbles"! The children had so much fund playing "I Spy" with letter sounds, spotting letters and flipping the bubbles to see a word that starts with that letter. Even our littlest classmates enjoyed copying the sounds they heard as we played, and are developing a heightened awareness of beginning sounds (e.g. "a-a-apple, b-b-ball,"etc.)

We also did some more baking this week (pumpkin spice granola- yum!!), and created some beautiful collage art inspired by the lovely Lois Ehlert books our class has been enjoying.

The pace of this week was beautifully slow, yet rich with wonderful experiences, as we settled down from our very active week last week! Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend!

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