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All the Birds Have Come Again

This week, we continued to observe and learn about the many birds that are returning and building their nests at this thrilling time of year. We enjoyed lots of new springtime & bird- themed music and poetry this week (happy Poetry month!!) and filled the classroom with more beautiful spring artwork. The class had such fun creating paper birds to hang from our ceiling to recreate the bird- filled skies we've been seeing outside, and they collaborated on a wonderful flower meadow collage made from bits of tissue paper.

Here are a few of the new songs and rhymes we've been enjoying:

All the Birds have come again,

All the birds together.

Hark, the warbling, whistling, singing,

Every bird his music bringing,

All the world with song is ringing,

Welcome to the springtime.

A nest is a home for a bird

A hive is a home for a bee

A hole is a home for a rabbit

And a house is a home for me

Tirra Lirra Lirra in the spring

Orioles and robins sweetly sing

Through the leafy branches you may hear

Tirra Lirra Lirra ringing clear

My Lady Spring, she's dressed in green,

She wears a primrose crown

And all the little buds and twigs

Are clinging to her gown

The sun shines if she laughs at all

And when she weeps the raindrops fall

My Lady Spring, My Lady Spring

After learning the "Lady Spring" song, the class was inspired to make their own Spring crowns made of paper and flowers. They loved taking turns dancing as the class sang:

"My (name) Spring, (s)he's dressed in (color), and wears a primrose crown!..."

We loved getting out in the sunshine and just thoroughly enjoying this sudden springtime weather. Coats and shoes were flying off, and the class was so happily taking in all of the new sensations that come with this change of weather.. sand between their toes, feet in the river, sun shining on their skin and the LIGHTNESS that comes from letting go of all that winter gear! We even refilled our pump and mud kitchen sink and enjoyed some water play for the first time in many months! It was so lovely. :)

When we were all tired out from outdoor play, we came back in and worked on many creative projects in the classroom. As planned, some of the children have begun their own mini- books based on stories they have been telling about Cherry and Chip (see last blog post for more)! We loved supporting them as they planned their illustrations for the book and dictated what words they wanted to write on each page. Book- making is such a valuable tool for building a love of reading, writing and storytelling, and we are so excited to see students taking up this interest! We look forward to continuing this next week.

We are also looking forward to our first spring visit to Remick Farm tomorrow! We have been preparing for our visit by reading lots of stories about baby animals on the farm, and we can't wait to visit some real baby farm animals on Monday. It is going to be another wonderful week!

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