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All things Autumn

This Thursday and Friday, we have been continuing to enjoy all things Autumn. From estimating how many seeds in our pumpkins, to autumn picnics, to bulb planting, scarecrow building, and Halloween stories, this crew has been soaking up every last bit of autumn goodness!

We have been enjoying autumnal artwork and poetry throughout the month, and this week we spent some extra time appreciating the painting Autumn Foliage by Tom Thomson. It reminded us of the colorful leaves falling into the Swift River behind our school, and we decided to take some watercolor paints out to the river to create our own representations! The class did such a beautiful job capturing the natural beauty they saw in their own ways.

They have also been practicing their performance skills through dramatic storytelling at circle times. They have been having so much fun acting out roles from our books, making story time a collaborative and lively experience! Our hope is to put together a little performance in the next week to share with parents (through video or live). Stay tuned! :)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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