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Baby Animals on the Farm

This week, we participated in a special program at Remick Farm to learn about all of the baby animals! We were able to visit the baby cows, sheep and goats while learning about what makes each animal unique and what life is like on the farm for the baby animals and their parents. Even on a rainy day, it was so wonderful to walk around beautiful Remick Farm and to have a behind- the scenes look at where the baby animals stay sheltered. Some of the animals were shy, while others (especially the little goats) wanted as many pets and cuddles as they could get! The class did a great job following Jim's instructions of how to be gentle with the animals and how to be safe on the farm. They asked some wonderful questions and we all learned a lot (even the grown- ups)!

We celebrated Earth day early by talking about how we can care for the earth, and helped librarians Amy and Polly to begin a big yard clean- up project! The class worked as a team to fill up their child- size wheelbarrows with leaves or sticks to collect into piles, while others busily raked, picked up and sorted. Back at school, we looked at a globe and encouraged the class to use play dough to make their own models of the earth.

We also spent some time continuing to practice writing the letters of our names through an art experience that involved tracing, painting and decorating our names with crayons, watercolors and (our class's favorite) gems! They did a beautiful job carefully designing their masterpieces.

We also continued to practice our springtime songs and poems that we have been memorizing. Have any of your children been coming home singing lately? I would love to hear if they are sharing any of our songs & rhymes with you at home! :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful April vacation. We cannot wait to reconnect again next week!

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