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Camp Week 1- Farm Friends!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

We had such a wonderful first week of camp! It was amazing seeing so many of our classmates again after a few long weeks, and we had such a great time kicking off the summer camp season together!

Highlights of our week included:

* Reading books and singing songs about the farm, including Old MacDonald's very SILLY farm (which in their version included an octopus, squid, unicorn and monkeys!) and working together to draw a picture of our silly farm

* Making "pig- face rice cakes" with strawberry cream cheese, strawberries, blueberries, and of course rice cakes :)

* Playing Farm Charades and Farm Hokey Pokey

* Farm- themed storytelling trays

* Washing muddy farm animals at our water table outside

* Some children visited Remick for a small- group scavenger hunt, while the rest of the class preferred to stay back and enjoy water play in the yard! (More farm trip opportunities to come)

* WATER PLAY! We enjoyed the sprinklers, pool, mud kitchen, pump, water table, and our new water wall, where kids loved experimenting with the flow of water through funnels, pipes, flexible tubes, buckets, and more!

* An amazing puppet show followed by puppet fun at school! This week's cook memorial story time was led by a very special puppeteer who told lots of interactive stories that had the kids laughing like crazy. When we got back to school, the class was inspired to put on their own puppet shows, and some made their own farm animal puppets!

We hope you enjoy pictures of our week, below:

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