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Celebrations of Light

This week, we continued to talk about all of the many holidays celebrated by our classmates and around the world during this festive season. We read stories and looked at pictures of families around the world celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, St. Lucia Day, Las Posadas, and New Year's Day, and the children shared what they knew about these special celebrations.

On Wednesday, Ms. Katherine and Ms. Annacarin shared our family's St. Lucia's Day traditions with the class! Ms. Annacarin brought saffron buns, Isla wore a traditional Lucia Day dress and crown, the class was invited to make paper wreath crowns and star hats, and we shared the traditional Swedish song sung on this day. We shared a St. Lucia Day book as well as some family photos to share the way our family has celebrated throughout the years.

After briefly sharing about St. Nicholas last week and St. Lucia this week, we described that a saint is a very good and kind person whose life we can celebrate by trying to emulate their kindness (e.g. making gifts for our friends' stockings on St. Nicholas day or sharing baked goods with others on St. Lucia Day). The class was excited to share some "Lucia buns" with the librarians after enjoying them at our snack time. :)

Do you have a special family tradition at this time of year that you would like to share with the class? It is not too late to email us to find a time to come for a visit! We are excited to have a couple of families sharing their Chanukah, Christmas and St. Nicholas traditions with us next week, and we would be happy to welcome any others who would like to come in!

We are looking forward to a joyful week at school next week before departing for our holiday break (December 24- Jan 2). We are also looking forward to our two school Sing Alongs next week (December 21 and 23 at 12:45pm). It is going to be a wonderful week! Wishing you all a lovely snowy weekend! :)

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