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Christmas Week- A Week of Giving and Sharing

Our final week of school before the holiday was focused on giving and sharing. The class did such a wonderful job with their candle making projects to present to their parents at the end of the term!

Our three day students learned to make candles by dipping the wick in wax layer by layer. This was such a special experience, in which the class walked around the round table with their wicks, taking a turn to dip and add another layer to their candles. As we walked around the table, we sang this song:

Quiet, Quiet, Do not make a sound

Dipping, Dipping, candles smooth and round

Holding on the string so tight

We will make some winter light

Quiet, Quiet, Do not make a sound

Our two day students also made candles, but they used the beeswax sheet rolling method (which was more suitable for the younger children in this group). They did such a wonderful job looking at a book of ideas for colors and designs, selecting their style, and learning to create it by rolling, cutting, and molding sheets of beeswax.

Both groups also created their own candle holders! Mr. Chris helped by sawing a fallen tree branch into slices and drilling a hole in the middle for the candle, and the children did the rest, decorating their candle holders by gluing on their own selection of found natural materials (including pinecones, evergreens, acorns and acorn caps, and red cranberries). These turned out beautifully, and we were so proud of their work! They also had fun designing their own gift bags before presenting their gifts at the Holiday Sing- Alongs. :)

The class also made candles for our beloved librarians Amy and Polly, and worked hard on putting together a book called "Storytime Story"for them, in which they shared their fond memories of our many wonderful story times. They were so excited to walk over to the library and surprise Amy with this special gift!

We also celebrated Chanukah by singing songs, dancing, and learning about menorahs with Abrie's mom, and enjoyed some latkes as a special snack as we enjoyed a funny fairytale called "Latkes, Latkes, good to eat!" We also celebrated Hayden's fifth birthday, with a special visit from Hayden's mom! We continued our Christmas celebrations, and learned a little about the various ways that our classmates celebrate during this festive time of year.

Last but not least, we had a wonderful Christmas Sing Along on Wednesday and Friday! Thank you to all who came out and sang with us before departing for the school holiday. We hope you have all had a wonderful holiday, and we can't wait to reconnect again in the new year. :)

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