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Farm Trips, Fairy Houses, and Friends!

Our class has loved getting outside and exploring this week! We are in the last official week of summer and we are enjoying it to the fullest. Our Thursday/ Friday class enjoyed their first big trip to Remick farm this week! They had such an amazing time exploring, playing "I Spy", and completing scavenger hunts! They have also loved traveling down to the garden, counting the seeds of a giant sunflower, and finding and observing living things.

Today was a particularly special day, because we saw our Thursday/ Friday crew really building friendships, developing a sense of community, working together, and helping one another. It was truly a wonderful week, and we are so grateful for this amazing community these children are building here at school.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos from this week with your children and hearing about the week from their perspective! We would love to hear any stories, thoughts, or reflections they share from their week. :)

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend! We can't wait to see you all again next week!

We also celebrated our first two class birthdays this week!! On a child's birthday, they are invited to decorate a birthday crown and their friends are invited to make birthday cards throughout the day. At the end of the day, parents are invited in for a short celebration where we present all of the birthday cards and demonstrate how many times the earth has travelled around the sun in that child's lifetime! This is a Montessori tradition called "The Birthday Walk", where we sing a special song each time the child walks around the sun holding a globe, and the parent shares a special photo or memory from each year of the child's life. Despite the energy in the room being a bit scattered at the end of the day during our "birthday walks," we had so much fun celebrating our first two birthday stars!

Happy Birthday, Ian and Natalie!!! <3

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