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It Takes a Village

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Last week, we appreciated how special this little village is when we were able to take a special trip to the bakery for a behind- the- the scenes look at how the bread is made and how some of the special machines there work. We were greeted by Abrie's ama, Allie, who showed us some of the main ingredients used to make everything at the bakery, before taking us to see the focaccia bread that was being kept warm and showing us as she transferred it to the oven to quickly cook for our snack! We then got to see a giant machine with a bread hook attachment and observed how the dough changed texture as it was mixed and turned. We also saw a special machine that works almost like a giant rolling pin! The class loved observing how everything works, seeing how some of their favorite bakery goods are made, snacking on some of the bakery's special homemade granola bars and coming back to school with a bag full of fresh, warm focaccia. What a special morning we had! Sending another very big thank you to Allie for helping to organize this. The kids had an amazing time!

Other highlights of the week included:

* "Fishing" in the river at Storytime.

* Observing each of our caterpillars in their chrysallis

* Planning and preparing for our Moving Up Ceremony!

What a wonderful week we had. Looking forward to a wonderful, joyful, and celebratory last week of school ! :')

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