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Let it Snow!

What an exciting end to the week we had! Our new friend Roscoe had his first full day in class, and he did an amazing job! Our whole class did an amazing job welcoming him, including him, and helping him feel at home. We also had another special visit from our friend Harris, who will be stopping by for short visits until he is ready to join the group full time. It was so wonderful having him in our classroom again!

On Thursday, we spent some time making lanterns for winter solstice. With just some recycled mayo jars, tissue paper, and a bit of glitter, the class made some truly beautiful little lanterns! At our story time at Cook Memorial library this Tuesday at 10:30 am, our librarians will be sharing stories about winter solstice and we will be going on a little "lantern walk" at the library. We invite Thursday/ Friday families to come and join if they are able!!

On Friday, we had a very exciting snowstorm! We had a very small group at school that day (plus Ms. Katherine's son, Danny, who was also home for a snow day), and we had so much fun playing in the yard as it transformed into a winter wonderland. We tried out our sled hill for the first time this year, and rolled giant snowballs through the yard for an (attempted) snowman. When it got too cold outside, we came in to bake cookies, make paper snowflakes, and practice our songs for the upcoming Winter Sing Along. We can't wait to continue enjoying the snow with the rest of the class next week!

Wishing everyone a very merry weekend!

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