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Looking Up

Last week, our class enjoyed a story about cloud shapes called "Sometimes it looked like Spilled Milk." The class loved helping the teacher read the story by calling out the names of what each cloud shape looked like! On a picnic at Remick playground, the class looked up and practiced noticing their own special cloud shapes as well.

This week, we expanded on their interest in this story through a fun process art experience. We invited the children to experiment with dropping white paint on blue paper with pipettes, and folding it in half to make interesting symmetrical shapes. Each image looked so unique, and we all had great fun deciding what each shape looked like to our mind's eye!

Other highlights of this week included:

* building birds nests using playdough, straw, yarn, and other bits and bobs!

* Observing and identifying backyard birds

* practicing drawing/ and our writing in our student journals

* spending some time with Ms. Judy, who was subbing for Ms. Katherine this week!

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend, and looking forward to reconnecting next week. :)

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