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Los Colores

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

This week, we continued to build on the theme of Spring Colors! It seems that every week, we are seeing new surprises emerge in our garden and new pops of color blooming into the world, and it has been so wonderful to mindfully notice and joyfully celebrate each new color we discover! One of our favorite songs at circle time has been a song called "Rainbow Around Me" that we learned at library story time, in which each friend takes a turn recalling a color they saw on their way to school and we add it into a verse of our song, e.g.

"The flower outside my window

Was purple as purple can be

Deedlee dee outside my window

Purple as Purple can be!

There's a rainbow, a rainbow, a rainbow around me

There's a rainbow, a rainbow, a rainbow around me!"

I'm sure your child would love to teach you this song and play this game with you at home. :)

This week, we also introduced the names of colors in Spanish through a call- and- response song (to the tune of Frere Jacque)

"Ro-jo red, Ro-jo red,

A-zul blue, A-zul blue,

Amarillo yellow, Amarillo yellow

Ver-de green, Ver-de green.

Blan-co white, blan-co white,

Ne-gro black, Ne-gro black,

Anaranjado orange, Anaranjado orange,

Ro-sa pink, ro-sa pink.

Cafe es brown, Cafe es brown,

Gris es gray, Gris es gray,

Morado es purple, Morado es purple,

Los colo-res, Los colo-res."

We spent some time playing color I spy and practicing inserting the Spanish color words into sentences, e.g. "The flower is rosa!" or "The sky is azul!" At library story time, we also learned the sign language for each color and built in the additional challenge of making the sign while we sang our song. The class loved this challenge!

Another activity we enjoyed this week was exploring rocks and gems from around the world, and practicing our descriptive language through yet another variation of "I Spy". We placed all of the rocks and gems in the middle of the table and the children practiced using descriptive language such as "I spy something..." rough, smooth, sparkly, stripy, clear, long, etc., to help their friends guess which rock they were describing.

Of course, another major highlight of our week was observing our caterpillars enter their next stage of life! Some members of our 3- day class even witnessed one caterpillar as it did a funny spinning dance and formed its chrysalis right before our eyes! It was so incredible to see! Our 2- day class saw all of our caterpillars in their new chrysalis homes, and observed as we moved them from their cup and into a bigger space where they will emerge from their chrysalis before we set them free.

Tuesday- Wednesday photos:

Thursday- Friday photos:

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