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Kindness & Friendship

Hi Families! We have had a couple of lovely weeks and we are happy to be back online with the blog!

Our wonderfully creative students have been enjoying a focus on all things Valentine during our time together. Everyone participated in painting beautiful watercolor hearts, both for our Kindness Tree, and to give to one another as valentines. Some of the children practiced basic sewing skills by creating pouches to hold Valentine cards in, and/or puffy felt hearts to keep or give to a loved one. All of our students made beautiful and unique cards to bring home to their families. As always, we visited the library on Tuesdays for story time where the class further explored the concepts of kindness and friendship through stories, music, and games!

A highlight of our week this week was our fancy Valentine feast, where we served heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, alongside several other red and pink snacks (Baby Bell cheese, red peppers, beet crackers, watermelon and strawberries). We have been practicing table manners and etiquette, and everyone is doing such a wonderful job getting in the habit of saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me!”

Everyone felt very special when we handed out the lovely Valentine cards & items that everyone excitedly brought in as part of our Valentine’s Day celebration.

We’ve continued to practice identifying initial word sounds with the group, making the connections between letters and sounds, and compiling a growing list of words for each letter of the alphabet. We’ve also been playing more numeracy games at our circle times, including matching quantities to number symbols, counting how many children are at school (in English and Spanish), and talking through word problems that pertain to our daily life (e.g. if we usually have 10 students, but today there are 8, how many children are missing?)

Another area of great interest over the past couple of weeks has been our music classes with Mr. Chris! The class has been practicing keeping a beat on various percussion instruments (bongos, djembe, egg shakers, triangles, etc.) and reading simple music notation. We are so impressed with their focus and growth in music classes and delighted by their enthusiasm to learn.

Wishing you all a wonderful week until we meet again after the break. We can’t wait to watch winter slowly melt to spring in the coming weeks! <3

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