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Happy Valentine's Day!

We are so happy to be back online with our blog! So much to show and tell! It has been such a lovely month so far with our two day students. We started out the month by celebrating Hailey's birthday with our class traditions of setting up a special birthday crown-making station for the birthday child, creating a class birthday banner, and finishing our day with Hailey's "birthday walk". Happy, happy birthday, Hailey!!!

Our main focus over the past two weeks has been exploring the concepts of Kindness and Friendship through stories, songs, and group activities. We have also been exploring the ways that the traditions of Valentine’s Day can help us practice Kindness and Friendship by:

  • Making cards for one another

  • Tracking acts of kindness in our classroom by writing them on Valentine hearts strung around our room

  • Practicing manners and etiquette at our “Valentine Banquet”. The class is doing such a lovely job building the habit of using kind words such as “please,” “thank you,” and excuse me”. :)

This past week, we welcomed a new student named Warren to our class, and the class did a wonderful job making him feel welcome and included. We wish Warren and his family a very, very warm welcome!

Another highlight of the past couple of weeks with this group has been our music classes with Mr. Chris! The class has been enjoying learning to keep time on various percussion instruments such as bongos, djembe, triangles, egg shakers, etc. while we sing and Mr. Chris plays piano. We have also been incorporating more and more music into our daily routines with this class, and this week they especially loved a new song/ game in which certain children are invited to dance in the middle of the circle based on the letters in their names, colors they’re wearing etc.

We’ve also continued enjoying splitting this class into smaller groups for portions of the day based on the ages and interests of this multi-age crew. Our rising Kindergarteners have been spending this time working on reading, writing, and numeracy skills during their small group times, while our younger students have been enjoying a range of construction projects, movement activities, and lots of outdoor play.

We will miss you all this week as we take a break for our February Vacation! We hope you all enjoy your week, and we look forward to so many exciting days ahead, as we watch the season slowly change over the coming weeks!!!

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