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Magic in the Trees

Dear Families,

It was such a lovely first week back after the break! The class was so happy to be together again this week. This week was full of so much music, singing, and dancing. Music is a part of every day here at school, but this class enjoys music so much that we decided to dedicate some extra time to it this week. They've been thoroughly enjoying their music classes with Mr. Chris, which have involved experimenting with various percussion instruments, freeze dance, vocal exercises and practicing call & response with their instruments. In addition to this, we've been dedicating a portion of our day to dancing and singing along with Ms. Katherine & her ukulele. These have been some of our most joyous moments this week. :)

Another highlight of this week has been enjoying all of the beautiful snow outside, and observing some beautiful things happening in our trees! This week, our 3- day class helped to tap our backyard maple trees, and on Friday our 2- day class got to see the sap finally dripping from the trees and into the sap buckets! We read some lovely stories about maple season, and talked a bit about the syrup- making process that we plan to work on together as a class!

Another wonderful part of our week was finally seeing some more birds stop by our backyard feeders! We have been experimenting with various types of bird seed, but hadn't seen much action until the end of this week! The class enjoyed rushing to the window to observe the birds before rushing back to our bird identification and birdsong identification book to make predictions about what type of birds they saw.

As we talked about the calendar and welcomed the month of March, we talked about how March is said to come "In like a lion" and go "out like a lamb". With all of the snow we've seen this week, we agreed that March is definitely coming in like a lion, and we look forward to seeing if it goes out like a lamb!

While our younger students explored making animal tracks with animal figures in maple- scented play dough, our older students continued to practice their pencil grip and writing skills this week, and played letter recognition/ letter- sound correspondence games with Ms. Katherine. We've been enjoying these quieter periods of the day where we split up our multi- age group for some more focused activities, and the group is really beginning to settle into this new part of our routine.

We had such a lovely, peaceful and joyful week with our 2- day class this week, and can't wait to pick up where we left off next Thursday! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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