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Make a Joyful Sound!

This week, our class has been busy singing up a storm, and making instruments for our upcoming Sing Along! They had so much fun making jingle bell shakers by stringing bells on pipe cleaners, tightly wrapping them around a pencil and adding festive ribbons and beads as decorations. We can't wait to make more maracas with the class next week. :)

This week, we also had some new friends visiting our classroom! The class did a wonderful job welcoming Roscoe and his sister EV on Thursday, and helped Roscoe feel right at home for his first drop- off day on Friday! We are so proud of how well our class embraces new friends and makes a purposeful effort to include them in their play.

The play experiences this week were largely focused around Christmas, and the class was so creative in setting up their own "Santa's Workshop" in our classroom and "Gingerbread Cottage" in our outdoor playhouse. We also had fun playing "gingerbread man tag" on the playground (The gingerbread men run away from the bakers, and can take a rest in their "safe zone", the gingerbread cottage where the bakers can't find them.)

Another exciting part of our week was the addition of a new element of our daily schedule. We will now be making "small group time" a regular part of our routine. This time will come right after our outdoor play, and will give students an opportunity to do some quieter, focused projects with a teacher. This week, we used that time to work with the children on creating self- portraits for their portfolios, practicing name writing, and playing a fun math game called, "How Many are Hiding?"

This group loves to get out and about, so we also took advantage of the sunny weather on Friday by taking a trip over to Remick playground! We had such a joyous and exciting week, and can't wait to pick up where we left off next Thursday! :)

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