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Mr. McGreggor's Garden

This week, our Thursday/ Friday class had fun continuing to read and learn about baby animals on the farm. Inside the classroom, some of our morning activities included:

* Imaginative storytelling with our farm- themed sensory trays. The class loved creating their own small worlds with farm animals, barns, wheelbarrows, farm veggies, and more!

* Practicing book- making and exercising their fine- motor skills by creating their own mini books with farm stamps and their choice of illustrations

* Number sorting- practicing number recognition by matching farm animals to the barn with the correct matching number

* Practicing the art of turn- taking and following the rules of group games. This week, the class enjoyed playing Baby Animal Lotto during our morning play time.

At circle time, we introduced the story of Peter Rabbit, which the class loved so much that they requested again and again! We extended our exploration of this story outside through a game we invented together called "Mr. McGreggor's Garden"! To play, all of the "bunnies" would close their eyes while Mr. McGreggor hid fruits and vegetables around the play yard. Then, the bunnies had to quickly run through the "garden" collecting all of the fruits and veggies and stowing them in a basket back at the playhouse without getting tagged by Mr. McGreggor (who chased them the whole time calling, "Stop, thief!")

This class has always loved playing collaborative group games during outdoor play, and I think this new game will become a fast favorite! We love these activities for their ability to build children's collaborative play skills, helping to develop their gross motor strength & coordination, practicing turn taking and following group rules, and engaging their imaginations through collaborative storytelling. We can't wait to continue exploring the story of Peter Rabbit when we return from April vacation. Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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