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New Year, New Challenges

Our first week back after the holiday was such a wonderful one! We spoke with each group of children about the start of the new year, and about how Ms. Annacarin and I have been reflecting all of the ways our students have grown up over the past few months! We shared examples of all of the things we've seen them learn, the friendships they've built, and the new challenges they've been tackling. We shared some of our own resolutions, and then asked each child to share something that they each wanted to learn this year! Here are some of their responses:

"I want to learn how to read new books"- Esther

"I want to learn about the forest, and deer!" - Evelyn

"I want to learn about reading!" - Clara

"I want to learn about the inside of our bodies"- Abrie

"I want to learn about clay"- Noah

"I want to practice writing with our new tracing board!" - Olive

"I want to learn about diamonds"- Hayden

"Building!"- Roscoe

"Owl babies!" - Isla

"I want to learn to read"- Remi

"I want to learn about dinosaurs!"- Henry

"I want to learn how to write all of the letters of my name!"- Ian

"I want to learn about birds!"- Ivy (absent last week, but she shared this just before Christmas :)

We loved seeing all of their genuine excitement and enthusiasm about the new things they hope to learn this year, and we can't wait to support them in their goals to learn about each of these exciting things!

As we continued to reflect on the new year, we discussed how the class is becoming older and more mature, and we shared some new responsibilities that we feel they are ready to take on: e.g helping to prepare their own morning snacks with child- safe kitchen tools, helping to care for the classroom with some new child- size cleaning supplies, and helping to care for our class plants.

They were so enthusiastic about taking on these new responsibilities, and we ended each day by inviting children to share ways in which they challenged themselves that day. The children showed genuine pride in their accomplishments, and many expressed new challenges and responsibilities they hope to take on at home as well! I would love to hear about any ways that your children have been helping out at home or challenging themselves outside of the classroom.

Other exciting highlights of this week included:

  • The introduction of a new "Montessori shelf" in the blue room, with various independent activities for the children to work on independently or with a teacher. (This week, some of the Montessori activities involved word- building puzzles, a sand tray for writing and drawing practice, a Pom Pom rainbow making activity for practicing fine- motor control, a Geo board, and some new math games.)

  • A winter walk on the Swift River Trail on Friday. We hadn't visited this trail since early autumn, and it was so beautiful to observe how it has transformed with the now- bare tree branches covered in snow!

  • A visit from Hayden's new puppy!

  • Celebrating Roscoe's birthday!!! :D

  • Enjoying the new layout of the classrooms and the new materials discovered around the rooms!

We hope you enjoy the pictures from this week. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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