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Our First Show & Tell

Dear Families,

This week we had our first Show & Tell, and the class did AMAZING! Show & Tell is a great way for preschoolers to practice their confidence speaking in front of a group, communicating clearly, and listening to one another respectfully.

One way we have practiced this prior to show and tell is by passing around a teddy bear during circle time, giving whoever is holding the bear a chance to share something (e.g. their favorite part of that day) while the others listen. The class has been doing so well with this, and Show & Tell was a way to gently stretch their ability to listen to one another for longer periods of time. After giving each child the chance to speak for a few minutes about their item from home, we had a Q & A time, and we were so impressed with the thoughtful questions that the children asked one another. They are growing to be such wonderful listeners and communicators!

Other highlights of this week included:

* Playing in the snowstorm on Tuesday!

* Going to library story time in the snow storm- reading all about snow before playing and sledding in the snow ourselves!

* Practicing reading rhythmic notation and call and response with instruments, and practicing modulating (changing keys) while singing solfege.

* Appreciating the painting "Winter Landscape" by Wassily Kadinsky and drawing our own winter scenes.

* After drawing our winter scenes, some children were inspired to do an "art show & tell," by showing the class one of their favorite pages from their portfolio journals

* Setting up our maple taps in the yard and reading about the coming of maple season.

We had an AMAZING week and it was so wonderful to have everyone back at school after the break. We missed them all, and it was clear how much they had missed each other as well! We are so looking forward to another week- we will be continuing show & tell next week and invite everyone to bring in another item from home to share with their friends! :)

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