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Special Visitors!

This week, we had some very special visitors in the classroom- baby chicks, goslings and ducklings brought by Henry's mom! We spent some time before her visit reading about baby farm animals and talking about how to be gentle around baby animals, and the class did a great job! They were so excited to hear their little sounds and pet their soft fluffy heads. We got to ask some questions about what it is like to raise these animals and take care of them, and it was so interesting getting a look to look at them and notice their differences- we talked afterwards about why some birds have webbed feet and some have clawed feet, and why different birds have different types of beaks, wings, etc. What a wonderful experience this was for the class! Thank you Leah!! :)

We also spent some time getting our hands dirty out in the garden and planting some new flowers- daffodils, hyacinths, and hydrangeas! The weather was fantastically sunny this week, and the class was so excited to have our backyard water features up and running again! They enjoyed using the pump and mud kitchen again, and used the pump to fill up their watering cans and care for our beautiful new flower garden.

We couldn't get enough of the outdoors, so we even brought our snacks and lunches out for picnics, and did some of our reading and singing out in the garden as well! We enjoyed lots of new songs and poems this week (Happy Poetry month)! Here are a few of our favorites:

Tirra Lirra Lirra

In the spring

Orioles and robins

Sweetly sing

Through the leafy branches

You may hear

Tirra Lirra Lirra

Ringing clear

All the birds have come again,

All the birds together.

Hark the warbling, whistling, singing,

Every bird his music bringing,

All the world with song is ringing,

Welcome to the springtime.

A nest is a home for a bird

A hive is a home for a bee

A hole is a home for a rabbit

A house is a home for me

My Lady Spring, she's dressed in green

She wears a primrose crown

And all the little buds and twigs

Are clinging to her gown

The sun shines if she laughs at all

And when she weeps the raindrops fall

My Lady Spring, My Lady Spring

Where are the froggies when the north wind blows?

We do not see them in the ice and snow

Deep deep down in the mud they lie

Little frogs sleeping with tight closed eyes

When the warm spring sun comes up

Froggies wake up and hop about

Oh how happy they will be,

A springtime world they will see!

(The class loved dancing to this song with new words and movements for various hibernating animals. We will try to get a recording next week!) :)

We look forward to another wonderful week ahead!

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