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The Earth is like a Child Who Knows Poems by Heart

"It is Spring again. The earth is like a child who knows poems by heart." - Rainer Maria Rilke

The whole world is waking up again, and remembering its colors again! One way that we have been celebrating springtime is by paying close attention to the colors all around us. We are delighted by the bright green grass, the yellow daffodils and dandelions, the bright blue sky and the pink tulips that we planted in the fall! We have been paying attention to colors both in and out of the classroom.

On rainy Thursday, when we spent more time indoors, we focused on the colors we can make in our artwork. We learned about how we can mix primary colors to make secondary colors and practiced mixing paints to create various shades of green, purple and orange! After this, we worked collaboratively to go on a color hunt around our classroom and create a large color wheel on the round table. The class had so much fun gathering items of every color of the rainbow and placing them on their designated color splotch on the round table in order to create a beautiful display of color.

On Friday, the sun finally came out and we enjoyed it to the fullest by getting right outdoors! We played “Color I Spy” as we explored our natural surroundings in our yard space, and then took our explorations across the street to the farm! It was so great to return to the farm after many months of waiting for it to reopen, and the children were delighted to see some of the baby animals that have recently been born.

We spent the day in the sunshine creating dandelion crowns, enjoying our lunch outdoors, noticing shapes in the clouds, digging for worms and playing some of our favorite collaborative games. What a joy it has been to welcome so much sunshine and color back into our days!

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend, and looking forward to more adventures next week! :)

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