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To the Garden We Go!

Our first full week has been magical so far! The children were captivated with their first trips to the garden. We read several books focusing on seeds and plant growth this week (class favorites were Sophie's Squash, The Sunflower House and The Carrot Seed), and talked a little bit about why plants have seeds and the various ways seeds are dispersed. After reading The Carrot Seed, we took our first trip to the garden to pull up carrots. The class had so much fun picking, washing, and tasting them! The next day we investigated the head of a giant sunflower and talked about how a sunflower is actually made from lots of little flowers and so very many seeds! Today, we attempted counting them all by placing the seeds on a hundreds chart, and the children were so excited to see that there were over 100 seeds! We attempted to keep counting, but lost track after 100. :)

Today we also told a story about a child whose mother sends him on a mission to find a little red house with no doors, no windows, and a star inside. He asks one person and then another and another until finally the wind blows and apple to his feet, and he discovers that this is the little red house with no doors or windows. The class was delighted when we cut our own apple across to reveal the seed star inside!

Next week, we plan to continue investigating the garden. We brainstormed some ideas with the class of topics to explore next week, and the class decided they would like to learn about bugs! We can't wait to get out into the garden with this group again next week.

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