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We're Going on a Color Hunt

This week was oh, so colorful! We continued our investigation of colors this week by going on a "color hunt" around the neighborhood! We collected yellow dandelions, green clovers, red buds from our trees, and wildflowers of every color we could find! The children did a great job creatively finding sources of every color and sorting all of these into the various colored cups on their egg cartons. As this was a small- group activity, four children participated in the color hunt this week and we plan to invite the other four to participate next week. :)

The children also worked hard on creating beautiful Mother's Day presents to bring home as gifts! We read the sweet story of the Mother's Day Mice, which sparked a conversation about the joys of planning and executing special surprises for those we love. We all shared our ideas about ways that we can show our love, and each child worked on a special gift to bring home. Some designed beautiful watercolored hearts, while others experimented with a new art technique called "black glue line drawing" in which they drew a shape, traced it with a mixture of black paint and glue, and let it dry before filling in the rest with watercolors. The results were beautiful and we loved how proud each child was of his or her own work!

We've been spending time each day practicing our repertoire of Springtime songs, which we hope to share with you soon! A note about music: Sadly, our music lessons with Mr. Chris have been on hold for a few weeks as his availability has changed, but we hope to have him back for a couple more sporadic lessons between now and the end of the school year. In the meantime, we are keeping music very much alive in our classroom through daily singing and dancing! 🥰

This week, we also read a story called "Elephant Parade" and talked about what fun it is to be in a parade. We made parade flags, noise makers and hand kites, which we were so happy to see some of the children bring along to the Children's Parade in Tamworth Village on Saturday morning! For those who missed it- fear not! We're planning to have our own Kids Parade on the playground next week. ;)

Wishing everyone a glorious Mother's Day weekend and looking forward to another exciting week ahead!

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