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Daisies, Lillies, Daffodillies

Over the past two weeks, our Thursday/ Friday class has loved learning new springtime poems and songs at our circle time, and reading new seasonal stories. This is such an active group full of kinesthetic learners, so this week we decided to incorporate some springtime yoga into our day! The class eagerly enjoyed moving their bodies as we recited some of our springtime verses, such as:

This is the way the flowers sleep, through the winter long

This is the way the flowers grow when they hear the robin's song

This is the way the snow falls down upon a winter's day

But soon the warm spring sun comes out and melts it all away!

They practiced curling up like little seeds, stretching and growing like plants, and making the shapes and movements of various animals.

This group also especially enjoyed getting out and about for some Signs of Spring scavenger hunts this week! They knew just where to look to find earthworms, the first flowers, buds, clover, moss and more! This was such a hit that they requested it day after day, and became experts of discovering spring changes.

We also enjoyed making easter headbands this week, and went on an egg hunt in our yard to discover more special art supplies to decorate our creations with.

Other highlights of the past two weeks have included:

* Baking banana bread (sweetened only with our own homemade maple syrup!)

* planting flower seeds in the little pots we painted

* continuing to practice the art of speaking & listening through Show & Tell

* practicing letter recognition with an alphabet match mural

* exercising our imaginations with sensory/ small world trays

* learning all about Easter and Passover through books and personal stories shared from classmates

* getting out and enjoying the spring sunshine :)

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend, and looking forward to reconnecting next week!

March 30- 31:

April 6-7:

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