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Welcoming a New Friend

This Thursday, we welcomed our new friend Baji to our Tamworth Village Homeschool community! Everyone enjoyed teaching her about our classroom routines, and did a wonderful job welcoming and including her in their play. Our class is really settling in and connecting as a community now, and we are so happy to see the group feeling more and more "at home" in the classroom with each passing week.

This Thursday and Friday, our classmates continued working on the "nature chandelier" that the MTW group began this week. We enjoyed staying cozy in the classroom during the rainstorm, threading beads, preserved leaves, and our felted acorns to make a beautiful hanging decoration for our classroom!

We also built on last week's applesauce making experience by making mini apple pies this week! The class did a wonderful job peeling, coring, and slicing the apples with the hand crank, mixing it with cinnamon and maple syrup, and folding it neatly into their mini pie dough circles before crimping it with a fork and adding their initials to the top. The class has loved this so much, and we look forward to exploring more culinary arts in the coming weeks!

We got outside whenever we could, and even decided to take some instruments to have a "rain parade"! We tried to coax the rain to go away with our rain dance, but had no luck and came in to enjoy our apple pies instead. :)

This group has also enjoyed exploring letter sounds through their play this week. They especially enjoyed writing letters on the stumps outside and practicing saying their sounds as they hopped from log to log. We also enjoyed many activities that challenged their fine- motor skills this week, coloring and cutting out fall leaves, stringing beads, and tracing leaves. These are some of the ways in which they will be strengthening their hand muscles throughout the year to support their writing or pre- writing abilities.

The class also loved their music class with Mr. Chris this week, where they explored the concept of rhythm and notation. This group has also been very enthusiastic about music and movement activities at circle time. I am working on a post to share some of our class's favorite songs and rhymes to share with families later this week. Stay tuned!

Wishing everyone a wonderfully sunny October weekend.

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