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Our First Week of School

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

We had such a wonderful first week of school! This week, we focused on acclimating everyone to the school environment, nurturing new friendships and establishing our basic routines. The class learned new songs, enjoyed books about starting school, began learning the names of all of their new friends, and enjoyed exploring the various areas of our indoor and outdoor classrooms! Some children also shared pictures and stories from their summer holidays, and connected over shared experiences. We are so thrilled to see everyone making new friends, settling in, and approaching school with excitement and curiosity.

Next week, we plan to officially introduce our Specials (Nature Study Monday and Thursday, Music Wednesday and Friday, and Library on Tuesday)! We also plan on taking a trip down to our family garden to begin an investigation of seeds, vegetables, and gardens. We are so looking forward first full week with the children!

We took lots of photos throughout our first week that we hope you enjoy looking at with your children. To simplify for 2 and 3 day families, we've organized them by days below. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday/ Wednesday:

Thursday/ Friday:

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and looking forward to our first full week next week!

- Ms. Katherine & Ms. Annacarin

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